In for a penny, in for a pound: development. Development

In for a penny, in for a pound: development. Development Means, we are engaged in its development a little.

Complain of our child?

Lets think how to develop his talents.

Interests nothing the child?

Especially we try to develop his inquisitiveness.

In for a penny, in for a pound: development.

Development is an expansion of borders of an inner world, its territory.

The borders protected by need for safety are moved apart.

Development internal enrichment which supports development.

Here not oils oil, development in itself purpose, ultimate goal of education, ultimate goal of life.

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Several You to hide them take your time, Let kids will look!

To press small pillows of fingers of the right hand to the top part of a palm.

Then to repeat game with the second hand.

Several times to squeeze and unclench fingers of both hands at the same time.

Development of speech breath and voice.

Exercises on development of force and the direction of an air stream on the average line of language The kitten went outside, and the easy breeze blows there.

Lips in a smile to open teeth.

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Never we will

Never we will In the fairy tale, in poetry there is more than truth, than in truth.

Never we will begin to expose childrens inventions and imaginations.

If you wish, after all and future earnings of the son depend on as far as he is able to dream because at each standing work the imagination is required.

Lets try to strengthen that type of the imagination which is stronger at the child, not too seeking for harmonious development.

An emphasis that the child has, but not on it does not have what.

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Suggest Classes can be given in several options: to use when drawing application any a Torah fareta; to draw a toy, using only the certain form, for example, only circles; to use two forms, for example: circle and triangle, square and circle, etc.

Occupation Think up and paint a picture.

Suggest children to reflect and paint a picture.

The subject can be any: seasons, illustrations to fairy tales, a fantasy, etc.

It is possible to use all set of cliches.

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Figure See tsv. insert. Masharasteryasha

Figure See tsv. insert. Masharasteryasha The bear dances with a mouse.

The mouse catches a cat.

Think up madeup offers.

We learn to reflect.

Development of informative processes.

Find distinctions.

Figure See tsv.


Masharasteryasha and the girl dressed correctly.

Clothes on girls.

A scarf, a cap, laces on boots, a fur coat, mittens.

Without what there will not be able to be Masha for walk in the winter?

On a beach?

What Masha in kindergarten will put on?

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It is a pity

It is a pity It is worth to remember that now Templ enters a growing time that it had to leave school which teachers studied all its good and bad parties, supported the girl difficult minutes and together with it rejoiced to her progress.

Please, let me know if at you arise kakiyelibo questions or if you consider that I will be able to be useful to you and your employees.

It is a pity that in the last two years we so seldom see each other.

Doctor Stein was not mistaken: progress was available.

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M. : Education, Fomicheva

M. : Education, Fomicheva SPb.

: Education, Filippova A.


, Shuravina I.


Govori correctly.


: Education, Fomicheva M.


Education at children of the correct pronunciation.

M Hvattsev of M.



M, Shtyasny K.



Appendix The abstract of occupation on differentiation of sounds with, sh On the basis of a plot Adventures of sounds with and sh Material: images of the Lock of Vowels, Lock of Consonants; the picture Wonderland with images of amusing subjects in which names there are sounds with, sh; toy or Strashilas drawing; drawings of flowers, symbols of sounds; distributing material subject pictures in which names there are sounds with, sh.

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